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Crystals for Sale: Magical Labradorite Palm Stones

They say magic already exists within us, yet here we are still searching outside ourselves. It’s one of life’s many paradoxes.

We as a human race have been programmed this way since the beginning of time it seems. We look to the sun, moon and stars and see them as gods and goddesses. We look to the ocean, the trees, the earth and see spirits. But we often forget that we are also gods and goddesses, spirits in the flesh who have free will.

This is where Labradorite comes into your life perfectly. It is the stone of magic, one that helps the seeker to realize their own personal power, their own personal magic. It opens up a whole new world, one that is not easily seen by many. Psychics, clairvoyants and metaphysical people are a part of that world and so can you if you choose to be; Labradorite can open up your intuitive abilities and help you see on a deeper level.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes, we don’t think we are capable. Let Labradorite do its magic on you.

Edit: the Labradorite in the animated photo has sold, but we still have a few others available for purchase at Metaphysical Vibes.

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SOLD: Blue Tiger’s Eye Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls are carvings made out of crystal or stone – they may be realistic (like the one we have above) or humanoid. They can also be heads of powerful and magical creatures like unicorns and dragons. It is said that crystal skulls are much like the internet as they carry vast amounts of information from different places; some say they carry knowledge and wisdom from other star systems, some say they contain the consciousness of extraterrestrial beings, some say they hold the Akashic Records or some say they hold all of the above.

Whatever information and knowledge they hold, we strongly believe that they are here to teach us something.

Check out this amazing and extensive online store and resource: Crystal Skulls

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Metaphysical Art Inspiration from Kamora Jones

We love art of all sorts here at Metaphysical Vibes. Check out the digital art of Kamora Jones, who kindly gave us permission to post it on here. I had a hard time picking one to post since I’ve been digging everything that she’s been creating and sharing on her feed but this one is pretty amazing. Follow her on Instagram at @artsoldier77

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What Are Your Favorite Crystals & Stones?

We asked some of our friends over at our Metaphysical Vibes’ Instagram & Facebook pages to see what is everyone’s favorite crystal or stone. Here are the responses we received:

  • earthscuriousgoods Citrine is my favorite because of it’s ability to cleanse almost anything
  • freshelitemadam Always Garnet and Amethyst and theres a Ice Blue one…but I forgot the name.
  • acejoeyt Ye Ming Zhu is my favorite … Qi energy
  • Mandy Gough Labradorite and Amber are my jam. Labradorite for its mystery. The light, sparkle and some that seems to come from blackest depths. Amber for the sun, the brightness and warmth, the tree blood, full of life and potential…

As for us? It’s really hard to say because we love all the crystals and stones – some you connect with at different times of your life, some you have yet to meet. Red Tiger’s Eye was my favorite for a long time. But lately, for me it’s been Chrysoprase and any kind of Quartz, while my husband really likes Fluorite.

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5 Reasons You May Be Attracted to Crystals & Stones

There is something magical and ethereal about crystals. It’s also mind blowing to realize that they’ll still be here on earth long after we’ve transitioned from our human bodies. Sometimes I myself don’t quite understand why I like them and have decided to make it my business to sell them. If my future self told me 5 years ago that I would be doing what I do now, I would probably not believe it. Regardless, here are 5 reasons you may be attracted to crystals and stones.

1. You’re seeking or searching for something.

Perhaps you’re looking for answers, you need a life problem solved or you need some kind of healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. That’s usually one of the main reasons people start using crystals for metaphysical or spiritual purposes.

2. Your friends won’t stop talking about it.

Maybe you have a friend who’s really into it and they just can’t stop talking about crystals; or you go to their house and see gemstones and rocks lying around. It starts to makes you wonder about them, doesn’t it?

3. You love the colors and shapes of Mother Earth’s creations.

How cool is it that the place we inhabit produces such beautiful, natural works of art? Gemstones have attracted humans for ages, this is nothing new. Look up the ancient history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, etc.

Read this article on 10 Ancient Egyptian Gemstones

4. You’ve heard about their healing powers.

It’s hard to explain how a crystal or a stone can heal us, but just know that we have a similar makeup to crystals, and vice versa. Look up the term “human crystal”. Go to your local metaphysical store or start hanging around the metaphysical community and you will start to know why those people believe in the power of crystals.

For a more personal experience, try holding a crystal in your hand for a couple of minutes and see if you can feel something.

5. You’re being called to a higher purpose.

Perhaps you are drawn to crystals & stones because there is a higher purpose for you that you have yet to discover; maybe your intuition is calling you to become a healer or some kind of spiritual advisor or counselor. Whatever your calling is, crystals can definitely assist in opening up those channels for you; helping you to find whatever it is you are meant to do.

Here’s the thing though – crystals and stones won’t solve ALL your problems. You will still have to do your part on making things happen, it is your life afterall. Think of crystals as helpers, gentle assistants who will nudge you towards the right direction if that is truly what you desire.


There’s probably more reasons not covered on this list, but 5 was a good start.

Why are you attracted to crystals and stones?

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Opal Glitter Holographic Quartz Points

Perhaps you’re a crystal lover looking for something inexpensive to buy online?

Using common quartz as the material, let me introduce you to my latest creations: Opal Glitter Holographic Quartz (or Opal Glitter Holo Quartz works too).

If you follow me on my personal Instagram account (@savethesavages), you’ll see in one of my posts that I’ve been obsessing about how Aura Quartz and its most popular varieties (Aqua and Rainbow) are made. I Googled so much information on the process (bonding gold or other metal vapors to the crystal in a process called vacuum or vapor deposition) that I was tired of reading about it…

I wanted to experiment and create my own version; not exactly the same process but I had fun playing and I’m quite happy with how they turned out.

I used Opal Glitter and Gold Glitter spray paint from Krylon, and a holographic spray paint called Spaz Stix. It took a few coats of spraying, drying and spraying again within a span of 4 days. I also cleansed and charged these points with water, kosher salt & water, sun rays, palo santo and kyanite.

These points get shimmery and subtly change color in sunlight or any indoor light source. These crystals are perfect for creating a sparkly crystal grid or just to have.

Quartz combined with opal, gold glitter and holographic spray paint amplifies sparkly and beautiful feelings.

My intention was to sell these at first, but I’ve decided to keep them. I only sold 1 of these actually. They have attuned to my personal vibration because I’ve been using them in my crystal grids.

Opinions vary in the metaphysical world; some may or may not like enhanced crystals. I just discovered recently while searching online for the Aura Quartz treatment, that manmade crystals also exist! Apparently their internal structure is identical to that of natural crystals.

Anyway, before I go off in a tangent; I wanted people to consider this:

We enhance our bodies, our physical appearances; we dye our hair, wear certain clothes and colors, paint our nails, make ourselves look more attractive. To each their own, as we all get different vibrations from stones and crystals.

Work with a crystal that resonates with you.

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Where To Buy Crystals and Stones Online?

If you are looking for a place online to buy unique crystals and stones, you’ve come to the right place!😊


Updated May 10, 2018: At the time I wrote this blog post a year ago, we were still brand new. My how quickly time flies; happy to say we are still here a year later! -Pia 🌿🦉🌿


Welcome to our metaphysical crystal shop! The name of our shop is Metaphysical Vibes – we are an online only crystal shop based out of Los Angeles, CA.🌴🌞🌴

We love crystals so much that we made it our purpose to connect you with these wonderful mineral specimens, as well as to help increase your metaphysical knowledge and appreciation of the stone nation aka the mineral kingdom!💎

If you’d like to know more about us, you can visit our About Us page.

As you may already know, everything is energy – energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Crystals and stones carry that same energy on a subtle level – they can help us with our issues or blocks, also known as dis-ease; we just have to learn how to tune in to that energy. We do this through meditation with the crystal or stone of choice. The crystal can then pull or draw our dis-ease out to the surface so we can heal and release it.

Although we are enthusiastic about working with crystals for healing purposes, we don’t suggest that you rely on crystal healing solely; you STILL need to consult a doctor if you’re not feeling well. You still need to use some common sense. But a stone or crystal CAN and WILL assist you with energy healing, if you open your mind and heart. Thus the term ‘metaphysical’.

How did I get to this point?

I’m going to get personal here so feel free to skip unless you want to know more about me – Pia, the owner of Metaphysical Vibes.

In the years following my mom’s death, I sort of felt lost. My mom had passed away from ovarian cancer in 2006 and ever since then, it seemed as if I was always looking for something to help me make sense of my life. I wasn’t suicidal but at the same time, I wasn’t excited about living.

At first, the dark side of the occult attracted me; dark images inspired my art and the teachings of Anton Szandor Lavey made so much sense to me at the time since my mom always tried to push Christianity on me but just never fully clicked.

To make a long story short, I was exploring spirituality for the first time with my own eyes and ended up buying my first set of stones from a metaphysical store in the San Fernando Valley in 2012. The descriptions they had with the stones resonated with me.

I also started seeking the magickal teachings of Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi and others; I started learning how to read tarot for myself via books and I kept collecting more stones and books from various metaphysical stores in the Los Angeles area.

I was definitely hungry for a different kind of knowledge so I started taking classes on crystals, tarot, developing intuition at House of Intuition in LA. My current knowledge is a combination of self study and taking classes.

I am not really sure why I started this crystal shop. But if you’d like to read more of my musings, you can visit my personal blog at Save the Savages.

And so here I am, forever learning and experiencing All That Is.

I hope you will check out the crystal shop and see if any one of them speak to you!💎