So this page is slightly different from the blog…this is where I will put my random thoughts related to the crystals and stones we have for sale here at Metaphysical Vibes. More personal and a lot shorter. It’s easier to share my thoughts in this format.

Definition of ‘musing’: 1 (adjective) absorbed in thought; meditative. 2 (noun) contemplation; reflection.

Sun 1/31/21

Just wanted to highlight some of the creative people who’ve bought crystals & stones from Metaphysical Vibes:

Minda Whiteley is an artist from Los Angeles who specializes in creating experimental healing sounds.
Instagram / YouTube


FancyBaby is a singer, songwriter and spiritual babe from Los Angeles. Her first Rap/Hip Hop/R&B album, FancyLand is out now.
Instagram / YouTube

Tue 12/01/20

I really like this guy, he’s really chill and his sparkles are all natural: Chalcedony Black Amethyst. I’m also aware that minerals don’t have a gender but for some reason this one feels like a male to me.

Just like the word ‘soothing’, I also say ‘unique’ and ‘one of a kind’ a lot. Can’t help it, the crystals in my shop ARE unique and one of a kind. I think everyone who has a crystal shop will probably say that, because it’s true. I wish there were better words to describe them.

Fri 11/20/20

I really like this Botswana Agate stone. I wasn’t even trying to have a crystal shop yet in 2017, but I found myself buying a handful of these from a vendor in Joshua Tree. Their colors are on the cool spectrum and have a flow-y, trippy vibe to them. I know I say the word ‘soothing’ a lot but there’s no other appropriate word to describe a stone sometimes.

Thu 11/19/20

I brought this really cool Phantom Chlorite Quartz crystal to work with me today. I was reading Katrina Raphaell’s book “Crystal Enlightenment” and I just happened to flip to the Phantom Crystals section (pages 75-77). Here’s a mind-blowing excerpt:

“Phantom Crystals are a culmination of knowledge that was gained by the crystal in its own unique evolutionary cycles. It is possible to use these precious tools in meditation to learn to travel deep within the records of your own soul.”

Wow wow wow. She says some really deep stuff and it’s been resonating with me a lot more as of late.

Wed 11/18/20

If you ask me right now what my favorite crystal or stone from the shop is, it would be this beautiful Girasol Opalized Quartz stone. It is so soothing to hold and dreamy to look at. Whenever I hold it, I feel like “Wow, am I dreaming? Am I dreaming up this reality that I’m in right now?”

At my work, I currently have a polished Tiger Iron stone that keeps me company, sitting on my desk.

Last night, the site was down for who knows how long. I wasn’t able to access the hosting control panel on GoDaddy either…so upset and frustrated! But not enough to call them. Thankfully, I woke up and checked to see that the site was back up.

I’m waiting for my hosting to expire so I can finally move it.