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We are an online only crystal shop based out of Los Angeles, CA (North Hollywood to be exact) born on Earth Day 4/22/2017. My name is Pia – my husband and I have grown to love & appreciate minerals first from a metaphysical point of view then geological that we’ve made it our purpose to connect you with Earth’s healing crystals and stones.

All crystals and stones have been selected either by me or my husband from different locations around Southern California and Arizona; until they find their next guardian they currently stay with us in a loving and quiet home with a cat named Tabby.😺

I am also an artist/graphic/web designer & marketer by trade, I wanted to learn how to build an ecommerce store from scratch. Like most people, I have fantasies of quitting my 9 to 5 someday and making this my fulltime thing, or at least having multiple streams of income. I believe that the only way to learn anything is to just dive in and do it, so here I am experimenting with this site. We started collecting crystals & stones 5 years ago for personal use, now we are giving the business side of it a shot.

My love for crystals and stones has also led me to learning Reiki and Trans Crystal Therapy.

Are you in LA? Want to schedule a Reiki and/or Crystal Healing session with me? Visit my new website, CrystalHealerLA

If you want to know more about the person behind Metaphysical Vibes, you can visit my website.

What does ‘metaphysical’ mean?

When you look this up at dictionary.com (which I have many times), it kind of gives you a vague definition. A better way of understanding this word is to break it up into two separate words; ‘meta’ is a Greek prefix which has a few meanings – after, along with, beyond, among and behind.

So when you combine ‘meta’ with ‘physical’ – it means something after, along with, beyond, among, or behind the physical.

And that alone helps me to understand the word as a whole: beyond the physical, which in itself sounds really cool and blows my mind. It helps us to understand that we are more than just our human bodies, we are souls inhabiting and operating a biological container and experiencing reality through it.

What can you do with crystals and stones?

+ You can meditate with them.

+ Leave them around your house, apartment or office, carry a tumbled or flat stone in your pocket (or bra). Crystals are known to raise the vibration of the person they are with or the environment they are in.

+ Gift them to friends who are into crystals and stones. Even if your friend or loved one isn’t into crystals, the intention you set will activate the crystal and bring good vibrations to the person, whether they’re aware of it or not.

+ If you are into art or photography, they make great subjects (they stay VERY still although they can and will move).

+ You can heal people with crystals by becoming a Certified Crystal Healer.

+ And so much more!

Where do you get the healing & metaphysical properties of the stones?

+ Throughout this website, I usually reference the books where I got the meanings from, but I also do my own work with the stones – I attend crystal meditations and have taken crystal classes out here in Los Angeles. LA is full of metaphysical teachers & healers and I’m grateful for that. The learning never stops really, especially now that I’ve established this small business.

I don’t always have the time for it but when I do, I also meditate or spend time with the crystals I’m selling so I can gather my own information and share it with you.😊

Still not sure what ‘metaphysical’ means?

That’s okay! It took us a few years to understand it too so don’t worry.

To understand this term, we highly suggest watching Star Wars, especially Empire Strikes Back – the scene where Master Yoda explains The Force to a young Luke Skywalker in the Dagobah; the things Master Yoda says is pretty deep.

Do you have an Etsy store?

Yes we do, although not our full selection. Find us on Etsy: metaphysicalvibesLA

Any questions?

Feel free to send us an email at shop@metaphysicalvibes.com✨

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