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An Oracle Pull & Healing Stones for January 1st, 2021

It’s the first day of a new year – the sun is in Capricorn and the moon is in Leo. The year is officially 2021.

While I wasn’t intending to pull a card I did so on a whim to post on my Instagram page and ended up pulling a 1 – SEER card from the Nature Nurture Oracle deck created by Marcella Kroll. From the booklet this card indicates:

Omens, prophecy, dream time and wisdom

It’s a powerful time to pay attention to the invisible world and receive messages in dreamtime or meditation. Social media has a way of keeping us forever distracted – always on our phones, feeling FOMO, or just scrolling and looking for the next fix. I get it, it happens to all of us…myself included.

Owls have long been associated with wisdom, knowledge and being able to ‘see’ through the dark so it only felt right to add these two lovely stones to the mix – a Labradorite and a Lapis Lazuli. Edit: only the Labradorite is available for purchase.

Why did I choose these stones?

As you probably already know, Labradorite is a stone of magic and can help you ‘tune in’ to your intuition or psychic ability.

I want to stress that the word ‘psychic‘ doesn’t literally mean “mind reader”. You may or may not gain mind reading powers with Labradorite BUT you’ll be able to tap in to a deeper aspect of yourself and begin to ‘see’ people’s energy beyond the surface level. We are layered beings and accessing your psychic abilities takes time and practice.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of ancient wisdom and royalty. Just looking at the stone immediately takes you to the night sky, with flecks of Pyrite and Calcite as stars. The kings and queens of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with Lapis Lazuli, even wearing it into the afterlife.

According to Melody, Lapis can be placed over the third eye to aid one in developing insight into ones own dreams.

Both stones have different shades of blue so they naturally vibrate to your 5th chakra. The 5th chakra is associated with our throat – it enhances communication ability and the ability to speak our truth.

Back to the oracle card. One of the definitions of ‘seer‘ is

a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers.

So let’s be like the owl who is a seer. Observe and see your life and those around you from a higher perspective.

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Angel Aura Quartz / Space Ghost Glitch

At the time of this blog post, we’re in the last quarter moon phase – sun in Sagittarius, moon in Libra. The year is 2020.

I don’t have the words to express how I’ve been feeling; melancholy is the word that comes to mind at the moment.

Lately, I’ve been paying attention more to my personal astrology and the things that are described within it make more sense to me everyday. Because honestly right now, nothing makes sense to me. The year 2020 has been weird and chaotic.

The app I use is Time Passages and there is so much to explore in there.

I guess what’s been comforting to me during this long, drawn out year is knowing I can look to the crystals to uplift me and give me a higher perspective. Knowing that I’m a tiny blip in this vast universe makes human events seem less significant and that ultimately there is nothing to worry about.

Here’s an Angel Aura Quartz cluster that I played with in Photoshop. This beautiful cluster is available for purchase here.

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Crystal of the Day: Apophyllite with Calcite


I haven’t done a ‘Crystal of the Day’ blog post in a while. I haven’t written a blog in general for some time now, actually.

I’m not going to pretend that 2020 has been an easy year because it really hasn’t been.

All I can say is that this too shall pass and we can look back on it and say that we were still living well even in a pandemic.

If you can breathe, if you can talk, walk, see, hear and touch then you ARE living well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to minimize people’s problems. I get that it’s not always that simple, but then again these 5 basic things ARE a necessity to living.

Although life has been strange and intense since the pandemic there’s still LOTS to be thankful for at any given day, like this stunning and uniquely structured mineral combo: an Apophyllite with Calcite. I call this an architect’s dreamhouse. Because every time I look at this mineral, it reminds me of a designer’s house. I envision this gorgeous structure to be built on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the Calcite part pointed down.

The upside down pyramid like structure is multilevel and full of light. And if you shrink yourself down to the size of this crystal, you can actually imagine yourself inside of it.

Metaphysically, Calcites are known for the following properties:

Calcite keywords: Insight, clarity, manifestation, forgiveness

Physical: stimulates metabolism and energy flow through the aura.

Emotional: encourages forgiveness, releasing anger, resentment, arrogance and envy

Spiritual: facilitates creating inner clarity, initiating multilevel awareness.

Now let’s focus on the rooftop of this amazing place. The “roof” is made of clear Apophyllite crystals of different shapes and sizes…just sparkly and beautiful, a literal dream.

This mineral can be seen in many ways; you could turn it the other way with the Calcite section pointing up and you will still see that it can be an architect’s house.

If you’re tired of earth at the moment, you can imagine that this mineral is some sort of spaceship taking you far away to another dimension. Where would you go in this vast universe?

Metaphysically, Apophyllites are known for the following properties:

Physical: supports infusion of spiritual Light, making the Light Body physical

Emotional: aids in rediscovering trust in the Divine after disillusionment

Spiritual: facilitates interdimensional travel, connecting with guides and angels

Apophyllites excel at attuning one to the higher-frequency energies of the angelic and interdimensional domains. Indeed, these crystals can serve as windows into many other worlds, and those wishing to experience interdimensional travel will enjoy working with them.

One video of this stunning mineral combo just wasn’t enough. So here’s another one so you can see and appreciate all the details of this crystal.


You can purchase this stunning crystal here.

Source: The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons

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Crystal Witch Shopping Memes

When you’re a witch shopping for your friends and family, no matter what they asked for:

you get a crystal!

you get a jar of herbs!

you get a feather!

you get an oracle deck!

you get an aura spray!

you get another crystal!


Image description: photo of Oprah in a red suit. She’s holding a microphone looking pumped up in front of her audience.

The world right now:

Crystal Sellers:

Anyone wanna buy some crystals?


Image description: one half of the photo is a city on fire, the other half is of Will Ferrell hollering.

Oldie but goodie😉

My face walking around the crystal shop

Image description: 2 different photos of Agate stones that almost seem to have eyes and a mouth, expressing wonder and amusement; which is basically the ultimate facial expression of anyone that has ever walked into a crystal shop for the first time.

Believe it or not, people are still buying crystals during Covid-19. People are still buying things in general because they’re home a lot more. Anyways, I hope everybody’s hanging in there. Enjoy these memes.

If you’re the creator of any of these memes, please leave a comment so I can credit you. Thanks!

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SOLD: Amethyst Spirit Quartz

I figured I would change it up around here and use my Photoshop skills to create magical images with the crystals still available for purchase. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve already gotten bored of posting videos of them to my Instagram.

So here is one Amethyst Spirit Quartz cluster that is available for purchase. The cluster fits in the palm of your hand.


Copied & pasted from The Book of Stones:

Keywords: merging with the Higher Self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution, freedom from fear

Chakras: Crown & Solar Plexus


What can we learn from Amethyst Spirit Quartz? This is my personal take:

That we are spirits in the flesh, spiritual beings existing in a human body.

Most crystal meanings will say that the crystal will provide ‘protection’. Protection from what, exactly?

  • Negative energies / entities

How can a crystal provide protection?

The crystal has a stable molecular structure, humans do not. We are prone to being influenced by everything! Although crystals absorb energy in their environment, they mostly remain neutral.

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Crystal for Sale: Laser Quartz Cluster from Diamantina, Brazil

I’ve had this crystal for a while now, it is a Laser Quartz cluster from Diamantina, Brazil.

Everytime I look at this cluster, it reminds me of a spaceship travelling in the regions of outerspace. It is a spectacular crystal cluster that lays horizontally, with tabular almost flat crystals growing on top of each other.

You can purchase the crystal here.

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Dark Healing Crystals & Stones for Dark Times

I mentioned briefly on my Instagram that if you’re not feeling safe or protected during this time – due to the virus and racism on top of stressful personal issues – job loss, which leads to less to no money, which leads to even more stress because bills can’t get paid, etc.

I am suggesting that you turn to the darker minerals such as Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, or Obsidian.

I personally do not believe we’re in dark times, although it MAY seem that way. I’m also aware that people are struggling, angry and frustrated with the systems we live with. If anything, we are being stripped away of things that have been distracting us and keeping us in a state of illusion. We can now see the truth and who we really are as human beings.

Most crystals and stones featured in the photo are still available. They are:

2 Gold Sheen Obsidian spheres (the smaller one has SOLD)
2 Smokey Quartz
2 Obsidian
1 Smokey Amethyst
1 Black Tourmaline (SOLD)
1 Black Moonstone
1 Fluorescent Blue, 30 million year old Amber (SOLD)

Dark minerals are especially good with protection, shielding and transmuting our environments – including ourselves – from negative energies.

What are negative energies? Negative energy can feel like:

  • Stress
  • Not feeling good in your body
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Hate
  • Arguing and wanting to be right
  • Judgements
  • Snappy or short temperedness
  • Nervousness
  • Negative thoughts and statements
  • Regretting past actions
  • Saying mean things to yourself

Too much stress eventually leads to physical manifestations of pain and dis-ease. It is perfectly okay to feel these negative emotions; allow them to be expressed and pass through you. You must learn to destress and find peace in the midst of chaos – your health literally depends on it!

Dark minerals help with grounding and manifestation; releasing feelings of not feeling safe or secure, releasing anxiety, stress, and fear.

While holding your dark stone you can take long, deep breaths and repeat the words “I am safe from inner and outer harm”.

I am safe from inner and outer harm.
I am safe from inner and outer harm.
I am safe from inner and outer harm.
And so it is.

Repeating this affirmation will program your mind, body and soul. Remember that your external or outer state is usually a reflection of your internal or inner state.

We are energy existing in a human body. And if energy cannot be created or destroyed but simply transformed from one state into another, then we have changed forms SO. MANY. TIMES. Our human existence may seem relatively short compared to the life of a crystal or a stone, but know that we are just as ancient. It would be overwhelming to remember ALL our lifetimes, it would make you crazy. And so we are “born again” into a new body, thinking we are “new”. We are in a constant state of amnesia until we have a so-called “spiritual awakening” which is really just a remembrance of who you really are.

Once you realize this then there is nothing to fear.

Of course you are still in a human body and so you have to adhere to human rules in society. So be considerate, wear a mask.

Also perfect since we’re in dark moon / new moon time.

Rest and dream up your vision of the future that liberates all people from their suffering.

You can find these minerals at Metaphysical Vibes online crystal shop.

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Metaphysical Vibes’ Completed Sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project


My best friends gifted me a sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project for my birthday and it is 90% completed. Here is a video of it.

How does one draw the metaphysical? That was definitely one of the things I thought about a lot as I started to fill out the sketchbook.

Of course I had to include crystals, but also things from my imagination.

I thrive on creativity and imagination. This crystal shop wouldn’t exist without it.

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Video: Watch Jay Versace Explain How Crystals Work

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock these last few years? But if not then you probably know who Jay Versace is – he is a YouTuber, model, actor, comedian, music maker, you name it. He pretty much does it all and he’s quite good at it.

I love how he explains how crystals work in his own unique, fresh way and doesn’t take up too much of your time as this video is less than 9 minutes long. My attention span is low these days so unless it’s a subject that I’m really interested in, I’m not a huge fan of long videos. If you can’t get your message across in less than 15 minutes then you lose me.

Jay also uses the terms ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency’. I’m sure you already know the famous quote from Nikola Tesla:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

So if you’re tired of the standard, boring YouTube videos explaining how crystals actually work then watch Jay Versace’s version. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Death of My Friend and a 2020 Update from Metaphysical Vibes

It’s true – I’ve lost interest and motivation in posting for Metaphysical Vibes.

Roxy, my best friend of 13 years passed away unexpectedly on October 20, 2019. I haven’t been the same ever since. Though I am functioning for the most part, I know that I’m still grieving and will be sad for a long time.

I know that death is not the end, but merely a transition from this existence to another. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I understand these metaphysical concepts, the death of a loved one will always be a difficult time for any person to experience including me.

So if you’re wondering why I’ve gone quiet, that is the main reason.

Luckily, the stones have been helping me get through it. My go to stones for grieving have been from my personal collection: Aura Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Jade, Obsidian. Tigers Eye to keep on moving, Nuumite to call my personal magic back, Magnetite to stay grounded. A person who follows me on Instagram recommended Snowflake Obsidian which I don’t have but I’ve managed to self heal without it.

Another reason I’ve lost motivation for selling crystals is that Etsy – where majority of my crystal sales come from – has changed the way they do things on their platform. You basically now have to advertise in order for your listings to be seen.

So instead of people finding you organically through search, they want you to pay to be found. So my sales have gone down tremendously. It’s frustrating but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I will still keep this website and try to add more crystals when I feel like it, but for now…I’m just leaving this up.

I’ve been spending more time building up Crystal Healer LA. So if you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ve been.