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Crystal of the Day: Apophyllite with Calcite


I haven’t done a ‘Crystal of the Day’ blog post in a while. I haven’t written a blog in general for some time now, actually.

I’m not going to pretend that 2020 has been an easy year because it really hasn’t been.

All I can say is that this too shall pass and we can look back on it and say that we were still living well even in a pandemic.

If you can breathe, if you can talk, walk, see, hear and touch then you ARE living well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to minimize people’s problems. I get that it’s not always that simple, but then again these 5 basic things ARE a necessity to living.

Although life has been strange and intense since the pandemic there’s still LOTS to be thankful for at any given day, like this stunning and uniquely structured mineral combo: an Apophyllite with Calcite. I call this an architect’s dreamhouse. Because every time I look at this mineral, it reminds me of a designer’s house. I envision this gorgeous structure to be built on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the Calcite part pointed down.

The upside down pyramid like structure is multilevel and full of light. And if you shrink yourself down to the size of this crystal, you can actually imagine yourself inside of it.

Metaphysically, Calcites are known for the following properties:

Calcite keywords: Insight, clarity, manifestation, forgiveness

Physical: stimulates metabolism and energy flow through the aura.

Emotional: encourages forgiveness, releasing anger, resentment, arrogance and envy

Spiritual: facilitates creating inner clarity, initiating multilevel awareness.

Now let’s focus on the rooftop of this amazing place. The “roof” is made of clear Apophyllite crystals of different shapes and sizes…just sparkly and beautiful, a literal dream.

This mineral can be seen in many ways; you could turn it the other way with the Calcite section pointing up and you will still see that it can be an architect’s house.

If you’re tired of earth at the moment, you can imagine that this mineral is some sort of spaceship taking you far away to another dimension. Where would you go in this vast universe?

Metaphysically, Apophyllites are known for the following properties:

Physical: supports infusion of spiritual Light, making the Light Body physical

Emotional: aids in rediscovering trust in the Divine after disillusionment

Spiritual: facilitates interdimensional travel, connecting with guides and angels

Apophyllites excel at attuning one to the higher-frequency energies of the angelic and interdimensional domains. Indeed, these crystals can serve as windows into many other worlds, and those wishing to experience interdimensional travel will enjoy working with them.

One video of this stunning mineral combo just wasn’t enough. So here’s another one so you can see and appreciate all the details of this crystal.


You can purchase this stunning crystal here.

Source: The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons