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5 Reasons You May Be Attracted to Crystals & Stones

There is something magical and ethereal about crystals. It’s also mind blowing to realize that they’ll still be here on earth long after we’ve transitioned from our physical bodies. Sometimes I myself don’t quite understand why I like them and have decided to make it my business to sell them. If my future self told me 5 years ago that I would be doing what I do now, I would probably not believe it. Regardless, here are 5 reasons you may be attracted to crystals and stones.

1. You’re seeking or searching for something.

You are no longer satisfied with your life or current situation as is; you want more but you’re not sure what you want.

Perhaps you’re looking for answers, you need a life problem solved or you need some kind of healing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. That’s usually one of the main reasons people start using crystals for metaphysical or spiritual purposes.

You don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but you’re sure that you’re current situation isn’t it.

2. Your friends won’t stop talking about it.

Maybe you have a friend who’s really into metaphysical subjects and they just can’t stop talking about crystals; or you go to their house and see gemstones and rocks lying around. It starts to makes you wonder about them, doesn’t it? It makes you curious!

3. You love the colors and shapes of Mother Earth’s creations.

As humans, we are naturally attracted to beautiful things. How cool is it that the place we inhabit produces such beautiful, natural works of art? Gemstones have attracted humans for ages, this is nothing new. Look up the ancient history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, etc.

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4. You’ve heard about their healing powers.

It’s hard to explain how a crystal or a stone can heal us, but just know that we have a similar makeup to crystals, and vice versa. Look up the term “human crystal”. I also found this fascinating article titled Crystals of Your Body.

You can also go to your local metaphysical store or start hanging around the metaphysical community and you will start to know why those people believe in the power of crystals.

Seriously, why are these people so crazy about rocks?!

For a more personal experience, try holding a crystal in your hand for a couple of minutes and see if you can feel something. This is your introduction to subtle energy which humans, animals and objects emit. And if you don’t feel something the first time, that’s ok too! Just like with people, animals and plants – we have to attune ourselves and build a relationship with them – crystals included.

5. You’re being called to a higher purpose.

Perhaps you are drawn to crystals & stones because there is a higher purpose for you that you have yet to discover; maybe your intuition is calling you to become a healer or some kind of spiritual advisor or counselor. Whatever your calling is, crystals can definitely assist in opening up those channels for you; helping you to find whatever it is you are meant to do.

Here’s the thing though – crystals and stones won’t solve ALL your problems. You will still have to do your part on making things happen, it is your life after all. Think of crystals as helpers, gentle assistants who will nudge you towards the right direction if that is truly what you desire.


There’s probably more reasons not covered on this list, but 5 was a good start.

Why are you attracted to crystals and stones? Reflect on this question and write your answers down. You’ll be surprised at what you write down.