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Where To Buy Crystals and Stones Online?

If you are looking for a place online to buy unique crystals and stones, you’ve come to the right place!😊


Updated May 10, 2018: At the time I wrote this blog post a year ago, we were still brand new. My how quickly time flies; happy to say we are still here a year later! -Pia 🌿🦉🌿


Welcome to our metaphysical crystal shop! The name of our shop is Metaphysical Vibes – we are an online only crystal shop based out of Los Angeles, CA.🌴🌞🌴

We love crystals so much that we made it our purpose to connect you with these wonderful mineral specimens, as well as to help increase your metaphysical knowledge and appreciation of the stone nation aka the mineral kingdom!💎

If you’d like to know more about us, you can visit our About Us page.

As you may already know, everything is energy – energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Crystals and stones carry that same energy on a subtle level – they can help us with our issues or blocks, also known as dis-ease; we just have to learn how to tune in to that energy. We do this through meditation with the crystal or stone of choice. The crystal can then pull or draw our dis-ease out to the surface so we can heal and release it.

Although we are enthusiastic about working with crystals for healing purposes, we don’t suggest that you rely on crystal healing solely; you STILL need to consult a doctor if you’re not feeling well. You still need to use some common sense. But a stone or crystal CAN and WILL assist you with energy healing, if you open your mind and heart. Thus the term ‘metaphysical’.

How did I get to this point?

I’m going to get personal here so feel free to skip unless you want to know more about me – Pia, the owner of Metaphysical Vibes.

In the years following my mom’s death, I sort of felt lost. My mom had passed away from ovarian cancer in 2006 and ever since then, it seemed as if I was always looking for something to help me make sense of my life. I wasn’t suicidal but at the same time, I wasn’t excited about living.

At first, the dark side of the occult attracted me; dark images inspired my art and the teachings of Anton Szandor Lavey made so much sense to me at the time since my mom always tried to push Christianity on me but just never fully clicked.

To make a long story short, I was exploring spirituality for the first time with my own eyes and ended up buying my first set of stones from a metaphysical store in North Hollywood in 2012. The descriptions they had with the stones resonated with me.

I also started seeking the magickal teachings of Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi and others; I started learning how to read tarot for myself via books and I kept collecting more stones and books from various metaphysical stores in the Los Angeles area.

I was definitely hungry for a different kind of knowledge so I started taking classes on crystals, tarot, developing intuition at House of Intuition in LA. My current knowledge is a combination of self study and taking classes.

I am not really sure why I started this crystal shop. But if you’d like to read more of my musings, you can visit my personal blog at Save the Savages.

And so here I am, forever learning and experiencing All That Is.

I hope you will check out the crystal shop and see if any one of them speak to you!💎

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