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Opal Glitter Holographic Quartz Points

Perhaps you’re a crystal lover looking for something inexpensive to buy online?

Using common quartz as the material, let me introduce you to my latest creations: Opal Glitter Holographic Quartz (or Opal Glitter Holo Quartz works too).

If you follow me on my personal Instagram account (@savethesavages), you’ll see in one of my posts that I’ve been obsessing about how Aura Quartz and its most popular varieties (Aqua and Rainbow) are made. I Googled so much information on the process (bonding gold or other metal vapors to the crystal in a process called vacuum or vapor deposition) that I was tired of reading about it…

I wanted to experiment and create my own version; not exactly the same process but I had fun playing and I’m quite happy with how they turned out.

I used Opal Glitter and Gold Glitter spray paint from Krylon, and a holographic spray paint called Spaz Stix. It took a few coats of spraying, drying and spraying again within a span of 4 days. I also cleansed and charged these points with water, kosher salt & water, sun rays, palo santo and kyanite.

These points get shimmery and subtly change color in sunlight or any indoor light source. These crystals are perfect for creating a sparkly crystal grid or just to have.

Quartz combined with opal, gold glitter and holographic spray paint amplifies sparkly and beautiful feelings.

My intention was to sell these at first, but I’ve decided to keep them. I only sold 1 of these actually. They have attuned to my personal vibration because I’ve been using them in my crystal grids.

Opinions vary in the metaphysical world; some may or may not like enhanced crystals. I just discovered recently while searching online for the Aura Quartz treatment, that manmade crystals also exist! Apparently their internal structure is identical to that of natural crystals.

Anyway, before I go off in a tangent; I wanted people to consider this:

We enhance our bodies, our physical appearances; we dye our hair, wear certain clothes and colors, paint our nails, make ourselves look more attractive. To each their own, as we all get different vibrations from stones and crystals.

Work with a crystal that resonates with you.

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