NEW!⭐️ Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones


You will receive 1 Chrysocolla stone, these are about half an inch lengthwise and 1″ wide.


Keywords: Communication, expression of the sacred, goddess energies, gentleness and power

Element: Water

Chakras: Root (1st), Heart (4th) and Throat (5th)

Chrysocolla is a cardinal Water element stone, governing the flow of energy and communication. It is powerful for opening and cleansing the throat chakra, allowing one to channel the loving knowledge of the heart to others. It assists us in owning the power of our words and in recognizing how the words we use affect our reality. It facilitates the expression of our heart’s deepest truth, as well as our mind’s greatest knowledge.

Chrysocolla is a valuable ally for those who speak for a living. It can help open a channel between higher consciousness and verbal expression, allowing for Divinely inspired speech and communication. It is also helpful to those who are afraid to speak their hearts, or who may not realize that their words of experience are filled with wisdom which could help others.

Source: Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones


Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 0.75 × 0.5 in


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