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Should We Return the Crystals Back to the Earth?

A lovely medicine woman I follow on Instagram posted something today that struck a chord with me. Here is her post:

Ok… I’ve waited a while to post this but Spirit asks that I not wait any longer. 💛. Disclaimer: I write as a crystal lover like so many of you. I used to collect crystals insatiably. I was aching to re-member. The Kontomble say the new crystal is us returning the crystals to the earth, inside the earth where they be-long. Recently I watched a documentary called “Aluna”. It’s the Kogi people of Colombia’s warning to the world. ❤. There was a part in the documentary that particularly struck me. They were speaking about returning their ancestors’ gold artifacts to the earth, where they be-long. They said, “These objects were left in special places. They are like people. They are part of the thread for us to connect with. They must not be moved. They are buried. Selling this is like selling a person. Stop doing this! It’s like selling a child.” They also said speaking about a particular gold artifact shaped like a macaw, “It’s a macaw. It was found in the place of the macaw. There used to be many macaws. But because of the looting there are almost no macaws now. The birds are disappearing.” In other words, taking that out of the earth has repercussions in the physical world. I write, not as someone who walks a squeaky clean walk. I write as a human being in progress. ❤. However, they burn through me (Spirit) to deliver this message with each post I see baring someone’s latest crystal. They are so beautiful, of course. What would happen though, if we heeded Kontomble’s message about the new crystal being us ritualistically, apologetically, as community re-turning the crystals to the earth where they be-long? So many of us crystal lovers are really sensitive be-ings, I feel. 🙏. #thenewcrystalisusreturningthecrystalstotheearth

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At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. I wasn’t upset, but it did make me feel a certain type of way for sure. I dwelled on this on my drive home – as if a small part of me felt bad that I’m somehow contributing? Though I’m not exactly the one mining Mother Earth, I am buying from distributors and selling them and I have my own crystal collection as well.

But then I also started reading the comments and gathering different points of views.

Here’s my take on it:

Each and every one of us is evolving and ascending at different times. Some of us are still getting to know crystals, some are still healing with the crystals’ assistance while others are ready to give them back to the earth so she can also heal.

I came home from work and was still thinking about it so I wrote this blog just to flesh out my own thoughts. I also Googled the title you see in this blog post and found another video that also made me feel better about the whole thing. This lady was talking about it in 2011, which indicates to me that people are and have been returning crystals to the earth, particularly in bodies of water. Thank you Little Grandmother, you can watch her video here.

Also thank you to Liv Wheeler of @kontomble_medicine for getting me to think about this; it definitely reminds me to take a step back from my own (selfish) desires and to remember to include the earth in my prayers.❤

So now if you’re reading this, I pose the question to you: should we return the crystals back to the earth? What are your thoughts?

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