Twin Calcite Cluster – Chihuahua, Mexico


Here is an Instagram video of this Twin Calcite cluster!

Crystal weight: 4 lbs, 2.6 oz

Dimensions: L 8.5″ x W 5.5″ x H 3″


You will receive the exact item featured in the photos, a spectacular Twin Calcite cluster from Chihuahua Mexico. With all the spikey crystals pointing out, the energy on this one is aggressive yet quite gorgeous in person.

This cluster is comprised of lustrous gray and black crystals in scalenohedron form on a dark gray matrix. Scalenohedrons are twelve-faced crystals, each face exhibiting three unequal sides.

Calcite is an energy amplifier; it is said to help the mind and body remember – the mind, to remember information brought during astral travel and channeling experiences; the body, to remember the state of perfection during dis-ease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness.

Clusters are many individual crystals who all live together in harmony and peace. They represent the evolved community, each member being individually perfect and unique yet sharing a common ground, a common truth with all the others.

Source: Love is in the Earth by Melody; Crystal Enlightenment Vol 1 by Katrina Raphaell


Additional information

Weight 74.6 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 3 in


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