SOLD – Large Himalayan Quartz Cluster

You will receive the exact item featured in the photos, a large Himalayan Quartz cluster. Beautiful energy, this one has a few rainbows inside its crystals.🌈

Crystal weight: 3 lb 10.2 oz
Crystal dimensions: L 7.5″ x W 5″ x H 3″
Location: Himalaya Mts, India



Coming from the oldest and highest mountains in our world, Himalayan Quartz Crystal is unusually powerful and holds a clear, unobstructed connection to Higher Guidance. Due to the extreme altitude and its inaccessibility of the mines these crystals are always mined by hand with great care and respect. They are then brought back down small trails in back packs and on trek animals.

While Himalayan Quartz can be programmed, each piece is more strongly a teacher than a quartz crystal to be programmed. They will activate the Sixth Chakra and enhance psychic intuition and vision for knowledge, healing and inner wisdom. These crystals can be used on all chakras. The higher the mountain range, the fewer impurities in the feed solution going into the caves, the clearer the quartz.
 Himalayan Quartz is some of the densest quartz in the Quartz Family due to its intense growing conditions. These crystals are also some of the clearest, purest quartz available. This focused purity supports clear thought and personal purpose for highest good and evolution. Since Quartz is specifically known to amplify its environment and add energy and resonance to other stones these Himalayans constantly broadcast higher frequency energy from Earth’s core into the electromagnetic aura and environment. Anywhere you place (or use) a Himalayan Quartz piece, will have a sense of peacefulness and yet more intense psychic energy, clearing, and healing.
Himalayan Quartz shows us that we can stay calm under extreme conditions and extreme pressure and that serenity is possible through the storms of life. The single crystals are powerful meditation tools and the clusters are a good focal source for group meditations. They will keep the individual, or the group, uplifted, positive shielded from negative energy. Program your crystal and crystal clusters for protection and it will be done.

Additional information

Weight 66.2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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