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Are you new to crystals? Not sure what to get? If you consider yourself a beginner, start with this 7 Stone Chakra set.😊

The difference between this set and the first Chakra set is the 4th chakra stone. For this set, the 4th Chakra stone is Rose Quartz.💗🌸

You will receive seven stones similar to the ones in the photos. The average length and width of these stones vary from 0.75 to 1.25″ wide.

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What is a chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit term for wheel or disk – in subtle energy anatomy they are the energy centers that correlate to how we perceive life. Although you can’t see a chakra, you can experience it.

Here are metaphysical descriptions of the stones you will receive. Each stone compliments the 7 chakras or main energy centers on your energetic body.

1st Chakra – Root/Base – Smokey Quartz – Brown:
Takes negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy; promotes grounding and being more present, increases vibrational energy, detoxifies, aids in letting go of past hurt.

2nd Chakra – Sacral/Sexual – Carnelian – Red/Orange:
Promotes security and safety, promotes courage, amplifies or provides sexual/creative energy, promotes willpower and determination, aids in overcoming abuse, increases vitality.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus – Citrine – Golden/Yellow:
Fosters self-esteem, promotes prosperity and abundance, enhances mental creativity, transforms negative energy into positive, encourages generosity, protects against self-destructive tendencies.

Please note: the Citrine stones in this set are actually heated Amethyst.

4th Chakra – Heart – Rose Quartz – Pink:
Promotes and strengthens all types of love, fosters unconditional love, promotes joy, promotes emotional healing, fosters faith, strengthens hope, helps overcome despair, instills calm and peacefulness.

5th Chakra – Throat – Sodalite – Blue:
Promotes truth and integrity, enables better communication, increases intuition, promotes psychic abilities.

6th Chakra – Third Eye – Amethyst – Purple:
Enhances intuition and inner sight, supports sobriety, treats insomnia, promotes restful sleep, enhances psychic abilities, supports connection to the spiritual realm and higher self.

7th Chakra – Crown – Clear Quartz – White:
Amplifies energies, cleanses spaces, works as a master healer to help with any type of healing, increases energy, cleanses and charges crystals, provides protection. Can also be used for all chakras.

What can you do with these stones?

  • You can place them near you when you’re at work or school
  • You can create a crystal grid
  • You can sleep with them by placing one under your pillow each night to get to know the stone’s energy
  • You can meditate with them
  • You can also place them on your body while lying down, specifically your chakra centers for a self-healing session

Treat your stones like your friends – get to know them, spend time with them, learn what each one can do.✨


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